Optimize your global supply chain to reduce risks and improve revenue


Supply chains have evolved rapidly while getting more complex.  It used to be alright to just optimize your cost structure and make sure you had continuity of supply.  Things have changed.  With a global supply chain, potential trade wars, and technology solutions abundant for each aspect of your supply chain, you need a partner that not only knows about these changes, but has dealt with them firsthand.  

Beltrees provides consultants that have done just that.  This will not only help you understand where to invest now and in the future, but also give you a partner to ensure what you invest in will drive the expected return.

  • Commodity Hedging

  • LCC Sourcing

  • Negotiations Strategy

  • Payment Terms

  • Price Benchmarks

  • Price Variance Management

  • Product/Service Rationalization

  • RFPs & Auctions

  • Supplier Consolidation

  • Volume Leveraging

  • Cost Modeling

  • Channel Optimization

  • Cost Regression Analysis

  • Distribution Network Optimization

  • Export/Tax Optimization

  • Make/Buy Analysis

  • Off/Near Shoring

  • Packaging & Fulfilment Standards

  • Specification Adjustments

  • Collaborative Capacity Management

  • Collaborative Tax Planning

  • Co-Sponsored Diversity & Sustainability Programs

  • Joint Risk Avoidance

  • Shared Revenue

  • Value Engineering

  • Vertical Integration