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To insource or to outsource –
that is the question


Beltrees believes that outsourcing can play a key role in driving down operational costs, increasing shareholder value, and improving the overall performance of an organization’s back office functions. Our 20+ years of experience includes deep expertise in internal outsourcing approaches (greenfield, brownfield and reshoring), and supporting the process to engage a third party BPO provider.  We bring experienced consultants that have not only negotiated BPO contracts, but have been responsible for implementing them.

Business Function Expertise:

  • Procurement

  • Sourcing/Category Management

  • Customer Care Operations

  • Finance & Accounting

  • Human Resources

  • Information Technology

Outsourcing Geographies:

  • North America


  • EMEA

  • APAC


Specialized Services:

  • Business Case Development

  • Development and Implementation of Formal Governance and Oversight Processes

  • Documenting and Validation of Operations Costs

  • Identification and Validation of Requirements

  • Project Management Implementation

  • Supplier Identification and Qualification, RFP Development, Supplier Negotiation & Selection Sourcing, Pre-selection Due Diligence, Contract Development

  • Transition Planning, Organizational Design (Retained Organization)

  • Transition Planning and Support

  • Reshoring Strategies and Implementation

  • Validation of End to End Processes

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