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The Beltrees Story

Co-Founder, David Peterson moved to Dunedin, Florida in 1971.  In that small, quiet town in west central Florida, David learned the values of focus, dedication, hard work, and making a positive impact on the people around him.  Part of growing up in Dunedin included almost daily trips on Beltrees Street, a beautiful, peaceful, tree-lined road that leads to the picturesque intercoastal waterway.  David would take this street to school, baseball games, and weekend fishing trips with his friends.

As David progressed in his career, he met many friends that shaped the person he is today.  Among them was Chet Taff, who shared the desire to do the right (and not the easy) things, to show compassion, to always strive to be better, and to find a better way to do things.  David and Chet had worked together as consultants and both had led procurement organizations for global companies.  As they grew in their careers, they realized that procurement consulting had become so reliant on cookie cutter methodology delivered by under-experienced consultants that it was hard to get the right support consistently for the procurement organizations they led.

What they wanted to provide in procurement support was trust, integrity, experience, value, authenticity, and reliability.  The impetus of these values was formed on Beltrees Street and became the corporate values of their professional services company that is now Beltrees Consulting.


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